Medicare for All

“Democrats believe that health care is a right, not a privilege, and our health care system should put people before profits.” – Democratic Party platform

The Democratic Party platform also states that ““Democrats have been fighting to secure universal health care for the American people for generations.”  This is true.  It is also true that the American people need us to win this fight and to win it now.

The Democratic Party platform also states that “Americans should be able to access public coverage through a public option.”  Legislation that would add a public option to the Affordable Care Act has been introduced into Congress.  Winston supports the addition of a public option to the ACA.  He also believes that a single-payer system of some sort is ultimately the best means of providing universal health care, and therefore supports Medicare-for-all.

Having the federal government pay a set and reasonable fee to health care providers for medically-necessary treatments and procedures, while leaving individuals free to choose to the health care provider they prefer, would dramatically reduce the cost of health care in the United States (by an estimated 40%), without sacrificing anything in terms of the quality of care provided.

A single-payer system would also free employers from the burden of providing health insurance for their employees.  This would greatly reduce the cost of doing business, which would be beneficial to corporations and even more beneficial to small business owners.

It is well past time for the United States to join the rest of the advanced countries in the world in providing health care to all of our citizens – as a right.


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