An Employee Free Choice Act

“Democrats will make it easier for workers, public and private, to exercise their right to organize and join a union.” – Democratic Party platform

Wherever unions are mentioned in the Democratic Party platform, the comments are positive and supportive. Unions have many friends within the Democratic Party (including labor leaders and union members). However, actions on the part of the Democratic Party to actively support labor unions have been unsuccessful since corporate influence within the party began to make itself felt more than 40 years ago.

An Employee Free Choice Act would allow workers to join a union by signing a membership card. Once a majority of workers at a given place of employment have joined a union, that union would be designated as the collective bargaining agent for those workers.

Employee Free Choice acts have been introduced in Congress in several recent sessions, but have not been seriously considered, let alone passed into law.  That will change when we elect Democrats who will fulfill our platform pledge to guarantee workers “the right to form or join a union” to majorities in Congress and state legislatures.