About Winston Apple


  • A teacher.  He taught social studies classes (primarily civics and economics) in the Kansas City, Missouri School District.  He has a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction and is the author of Edutopia: A Manifesto for the Reform of Public Education.
  • A political activist.  He is an active member of Our Revolution and American Promise.  He has been active in the Sierra Club and several other organizations concerned with the climate crisis.  He is a certified Climate Reality Leader, having received training through the Climate Reality Project, with much of the training conducted by Al Gore.
  • A Democrat.   He was elected to the Democratic National Committee in June of 2016 and the State Committee of the Missouri Democratic Party in November of 2016.  He is not a party-first Democrat.  He is an advocate of good government and puts people ahead of party.  He supports reforms to our electoral system that would break the duopoly of the two major parties, give voters more candidates and parties from which to choose, and make our government more genuinely democratic.  He is working from within the Democratic Party, to reform the party and make it the party of the people it claims to be (and that we need it to be).
  • A pragmatic idealist.  He believes that our nation was founded upon noble ideals and that, if we live up to those ideals, we can live together in peace, harmony, and prosperity and secure the blessings of Liberty and Justice for ourselves, and for our children and grandchildren.
  • A singer-songwriter.  He has released 16 albums and was inducted into the Kansas Music Hall of Fame in 2015.
  • A candidate for Congress and a political revolutionary.  He is seeking a seat in Congress because he believes we need a government of, by, and for the people, not a government of, by, and for the benefit of corporate interests, and he is working actively to get legislation passed to make our government more responsive to the will of the people. 
  • This is not politics-as-usual.